March 2016 – New Mentor of the Month – Dave Hartman

Some Background on Dave…..

Born in New Jersey, but having lived most of my life in the western states, I graduated college in San Diego, raced bikes for a bit in Boulder, CO, and eventually found myself in Seattle where I planted some roots in starting my professional career.  As the country was in recession at the time, I took a few odd jobs, one of which was a temp role within Microsoft’s Inside Sales department. Shortly after I became a team lead and then was converted to a full time position after which I never looked back.

Upward mobility came quickly and when the opportunity presented itself to move to Reno to open their North American Operations Center I jumped at it.  From inside sales, to anti-piracy, to security and compliance, the move gave me the opportunity to work in a global supply chain operations capacity and, in the process, allowed me see the world. Twenty countries and 110 cities later I decided to shift my focus to project management oversight in the areas of fulfillment and transportation wherein experience gained brought the opportunity of Chief of Staff for to a General Manager.  I ended my tenure with Microsoft as a senior manager within the launch and capability licensing segment having gained extensive expertise in operational responsibilities to include organizational restructuring, strategic planning, budgeting oversight and a relentless commitment to continuous improvement.

My diverse experience base has allowed me to be particularly effective in the areas of programmatic development and implementation, increasing efficiencies, lowering costs and ensuring compliance to programmatic and industry standards.  One of my many strengths is my passion for growing, motivating, and leading global fast-paced talented teams, including remote domestic and international employees. The path taken above led me to the decision of making the shift from corporate America to that of an entrepreneurial upstart of my own through Dogma Consulting, LLC; of which I am the founder and CEO.

As the firm continues to grow, my partner and I enthusiastically look to leverage our collective backgrounds in assisting start-ups, small, and medium businesses in the greater Reno area in realizing their full potential through sound and proven business principles; focusing on strategic optimization as well as customer and compliant business excellence.  At the same time, we take great pride in building long-term, positive, and professional relationships across the community. Having deeply integrated myself into the community over course of 18+ years, my aim is to assist the business community to succeed within and throughout the growth cycles we are recently seeing come to fruition.

This is an exciting time in Reno, as the Biggest Little City is poised to become the Best Little City in the west.  – Dave lives in Reno with his wife Melissa, son Chase and heads up the Audi Reno-Tahoe cycling team. Most recently he has been appointed to the board of Tour de Nez Outreach. In his down time, Dave enjoys cycling, skiing, hiking, tennis, travel, and all that the area has to offer.

Why Reno and being a VMS mentor?

Having lived in 5 states and a multitude of locations in each, I came to Reno in January of 1998 and I’ve been here longer than any other place I’ve known. What started as an opportunity 18 years ago has become a home, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. From its location surrounded by majestic mountains and Lake Tahoe, to its access of endless outdoor pursuits, Reno is a diamond in the rough that’s about to shine like never before. While at Microsoft, and having served as the site lead for both the intern and mentorprograms, and having a passion for growing, motivating, and leading people, I was thrilled to be approached to participate in the Summit Venture Mentoring program for entrepreneurs and new ventures.  What better way to help others than leveraging my 25+ years of corporate experience for a grass roots and organic community outreach.  I look forward to the possibilities.